1. How do I join Eternize Program?

Joining our program takes you less than a minute. Just click the Sign up link and fill the required details. If your site is Eligible for our program, you will get a response from our team within Two Business days.

2. What are the Website requirements to Join Eternize Digital?

A website must meet the following requirements to join Eternize Digital.

  • - A minimum of 1000 Impressions per day.
  • - A well built Site Design.
  • - The website must have proper Privacy Policy.
  • - The Ad units must be shown only on the Approved Domains.
  • - The website must have proper content, No broken Links or Non-content pages.
  • - No automatic Downloads or installations.

3. Can I use Eternize Ads along with Google Adsense Ads?

Yes, you can use our Ads along with Adsense Ads. There will be no violation of google policies by using our Ads.

4. How much time required for the Eternize Ads to show on my site.

The Ads will be shown as soon as the Ad Tags are placed on the website.

5. How many Eternize Ads can be placed on single web page?

You can place upto 4 Ad units per a web page.

6. How do I get Paid and When?

  • - What are the Payment options?
    Payments are made through Paypal and Wire Transfer.
  • - What is the Payout time?
    Payments are made on Net 30 Basis.
  • - What is the minimum payout?
    You have to earn a minimum of 10$ toreceive the payment through Paypal and 1000$ through Wire.

7. Do I have the option to block certain Ads?

We will block all the unnecessary Ads mentioned by you from our end.